Creative Routes

Different creative paths we can explore together within this project.

  • Exclusive NFTs (SXSW)
    Generate an unique & tradable NFT for each individual attendee.
    ex.: Attendees scan a QR code and collect an unique piece of computer-generated artwork.
  • Digital Twins (SHOWin3D, Gucci)
    Create identical or abstract, interactive digital copies of existing merchandising products.
    ex: Every attendee that buys a hat of the event, receives a digital twin to wear in Augmented Reality.
  • Metaverse Clothing (Fortnite & Coachella)
    Design brand new products, to be used exclusively on existing metaverse platforms.ex.: A Glastonbury-branded dynamic t-shirt that changes colour constantly, to be used on Decentraland or Roblox.

The benefits of implementing this type of metaverse experience.

  • Create value from scratch for each user;
  • Expand your reach to the metaverse and games;
  • Add an on-site, custom experience;
  • Increase post-event engagement.
Project Roadmap
Budget Interval

Will vary greatly according to each project's complexity.

$10,000 - $50,000


Will vary greatly according to each project's complexity.

4 - 12 weeks