Creative Routes

Different creative paths we can explore together within this project.

  • On-site VR Experience (WOTW)
    A Virtual Reality experience for attendees to experience at your event.
    ex.: Get inside a booth, put on a VR headset, and explore an interactive playground with musical and visual elements from the event.
  • Off-site VR Experience (AVICII Invector)
    A branded Virtual Reality experience to be distributed on common app stores.
    ex.: Users buy an off-the-shelf experience for their own VR headsets, in which they play virtual guitar or drums on the main stage of the event.
  • Mixed Reality Room (Greg Madison)
    Unique Virtual Reality experiences that works integrated to physical spaces.
    ex: Users get into a booth, similar to a escape room, put on a VR headset and interact with physical elements, such as walls, fragrances, etc.
    ex: Users get on top of a pre-mounted bike or static skateboard, and explore a virtual world about the event.

The benefits of implementing this type of metaverse experience.

  • Add an on-site, custom experience;
  • Increase the "Wow Factor" at the event;
  • Expand your reach to the metaverse and games;
  • Increase social engagement during the event.
Project Roadmap
Budget Interval

Will vary greatly according to each project's complexity.

$25,000 - $300,000


Will vary greatly according to each project's complexity.

6 - 20 weeks