Creative Routes

Different creative paths we can explore together within this project.

  • AR Animations (NASA, Alive Animals)
    Use your smartphone to overlay digital content on top of a merch product.
    ex.: Record a stories of yourself as your branded t-shirt explodes into confetti, music and other visual effects.
  • Merch with Memories
    Attach content of your choice (i.e.: pictures, videos) to one of your merch products using AR.
    ex: Users can upload a video of the concert to their t-shirt by scanning a QR code, which can be later scanned by other users to watch the same content.
  • Backstage Portal (Curiscope, Christmas Sweaters)
    Summon a portal on top of your branded t-shirt, and dive into an experience about your favorite artist's creative process.
    ex.: A hole pops-up from your chest, and you can see a 360º video of Kings of Leon improvising a jam inside of the portal.

The benefits of implementing this type of metaverse experience.

  • Scalable, adds value to every merch product;
  • Makes each item more unique, and personal;
  • Generate organic content about the event;
  • Increase post-event social engagement.

Project Roadmap
Budget Interval

Will vary greatly according to each project's complexity.

$7,500 - $25,000


Will vary greatly according to each project's complexity.

3 - 8 weeks