Creative Routes

Different creative paths we can explore together within this project.


  • AR Animations (Wings, Singularity)
    Use your smartphone to overlay digital content on yourself or your environment.
    ex.: Record yourself wearing your favorite artist's iconic clothing in AR.
  • Dancing Avatars (Atlas Golden)
    Record yourself dancing with 3D avatars.
    ex: Watch a realistic avatar of Childish Gambino dancing in your own living room.
  • Backstage Portal (Somnus, Our Future Planet)
    Summon a portal in AR, and dive into an experience about your favorite artist's creative process.
    ex.: A hole pops-up from the ground, and members from Gorillaz come out of it.
  • Countdown (Regressiva)
    Generate hype by recording stories of yourself with an animated countdown to the event.
    ex: Use a face filter on Instagram to share how long it will take until the next Billie Elish show, while seeing yourself with her iconic makeup.
  • Scan Common Objects (Stop Sign)
    Use AR to augment everyday objects, such as dollar bills, street signs, danger signs, etc.
    ex.: Young people can scan every stop sign in London to buy a ticket to Ed Sheeran.
  • Persistent Experiences (Snap Dinosaur)
    Express yourself on a global AR experience, shared simultaneously with your target audience.
    ex: Upload a selfie to a multiplayer AR experience, where everyone's pictures can be seen flying above the stage during the event.

At event

  • AR Animations (Aero in Central Station, Neon Halloween)
    Use your smartphone to overlay digital content on yourself or your environment.
    ex: Watch people from the crowd around you become dancing neon skeletons.
  • Sound Visualizer (Beatsy)
    Experience amazing AR animations in-sync with the music you are hearing.
    ex: Visualize increasingly powerful 3D vibrations on the ground as the band sings the chorus.

  • Geo-locked or Time-locked (Facebook)
    Play with an exclusive AR experience that only works during the live event.
    ex: Watch a meteor fall down from the skies together with your friends, visualizing on their smartphones at the same time.
  • Interactive Totems (Mirror X)
    Showcase your AR experience in a physical screen at your event.
    ex: Attendees that walk in front of the totem, see themselves in the screen with a different hair color and wearing virtual face paint.

The benefits of implementing this type of metaverse experience.

  • Highly shareable experiences;
  • Increase the "Wow Factor" at the event;
  • Generate organic content about the event;
  • Reach younger generations;
  • Increase pre-event ticket sales.
Project Roadmap
Budget Interval

Will vary greatly according to each project's complexity.

$7,500 - $80,000


Will vary greatly according to each project's complexity.

3 - 16 weeks