Creative Routes

Different creative paths we can explore together within this project.

  • AR Animations (First Glimpse)
    Use your smartphone to overlay digital content on top of the ticket.
    ex: Scan your ticket and open the door to a new reality, with planets and stars coming out of the ticket.
  • Preview the Concert! (Art Reimagined)
    Generate hype by scanning your ticket and visualizing a 3D animation of all the event's main features.
    ex: Scan the ticket to Lollapalooza to see 3D avatars of Taylor Swift, Sam Smith and John Legend playing over it.
  • Co-op Experiences (AR Chemistry, Face Switch)
    Scan 2 separate tickets together to unlock a shared AR experience with your friends.
    ex: Place two tickets together, and unlock an exclusive AR experience where you and your friend are immersed on a trippy virtual version of the concert.
  • Face Filter "I'm Going" (Bread and Butter, Driver' License)
    A face filter with a 3D hashtag to hype up the event. If the user also scans a ticket, the experience is enhanced.
    ex: A face filter with the 3D text "#LetsCoachella". If the user holds a ticket to their side, they unlock an exclusive AR face paint and virtual hair dye.

The benefits of implementing this type of metaverse experience.

  • Add value to the ticket print and design;
  • Promote the sales of more than one ticket at a time;
  • Increase pre-event ticket sales;
  • Generate an unique experience for fans at home.
Project Roadmap
Budget Interval

Will vary greatly according to each project's complexity.

$7,500 - $45,000


Will vary greatly according to each project's complexity.

3 - 14 weeks